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The focus of our business has always been the vehicle owners. We want you to get the most miles out of your vehicle

and have a smooth, safe ride wherever you go. We also want to give you better choices for auto parts and accessories, other than

what the dealership offers. That’s what we’ve set out to do. We provide great solutions to auto problems at much lower prices,

so you wouldn’t have to wait forever to get back on the road or get on with your vehicle restoration projects.

Taking the Lead in the Industry


With reputable experience in the auto parts and accessories sales industry, we offer the best collection at reasonable prices. We make sure you get the quality auto parts and accessories for the best price. Quality is always guaranteed in all our products.


We offer the widest array of products for your specific auto needs - from engine parts, fuel systems, brake systems, suspension and steering systems, lightings, auto electronics, interior and exterior accessories, and various tools and garage needs.


It is our customers' satisfaction over our auto parts and accesoriess that always inspires us to do better in this business. We build mutually beneficial relationship with our clients by giving them large selection of premium auto parts at marked down prices.

About Us

We are the Mechanic Tool Auto Shop.


The Mechanic Tool stands as one of the most trusted internet retailers online. Dedication, commitment to quality service, high level of professionalism and product dependability and competitive prices are reasons that underlie our success in the auto industry. Through the years of providing superior quality automotive parts and accessories nationwide, our company has been distinguished as one of the most established auto parts retailers online. We have a team of professionals fervently working to give you a complete and most competitive line of automotive parts and the best customer support as well.

Our company upholds its commitment to serve all your car parts needs by continuously replenishing our stock and by continuously improving our services. Over 550,000 top rated discount car parts are available in our comprehensive inventory, covering parts for all makes and models, both domestic and import vehicles. The Mechanic Tool is truly a notable name when it comes to availability, dependability and affordability of high standard replacement parts, performance parts, and accessories.

We’ve created a secure online shopping place where you can find a suitable match for your vehicle’s most urgent needs, a place where you can also take full advantage of exclusive deals and promos. Our courteous and knowledgeable on-store and online sales team will assist you in every way to make your shopping experience as convenient and outstanding as possible.