Delivery Information

Delivery/Shipping Guidelines
Our stores make every effort to fulfill your order in a timely manner. The majority of our items are unique and are shipped to you directly from our stores. The amount of time the item is expected to be in transit varies according to the Shipping Method you choose.

If your item is being shipped it will be sent via UPS ground service. Shipping time will include processing time in our locations and UPS availability based on their ground service offering. Majority of orders will be shipped within 48 hours and you will then be able to track your order status via UPS.

Once your delivery order has been placed the delivery time will depend on the distance between your delivery address and location of the item you are having delivered. If your order is available for Local (Standard) Delivery, you will be contacted within 24 hours of your purchase to setup a delivery date and time.

If your order is not available locally it is considered a National Delivery order. Once you have placed your order, our facility will begin the process of delivering the item to the closets facility to your home. This process can take up to three weeks. Once your item has arrived at a nearby facility, you will be contacted by a customer service representative from that facility to schedule your final home delivery date. For more information on Local and National Delivery please see the Delivery Pricing section below.

Once your order is out for delivery you will also be notified via email. You can view your order status at any time, by clicking here.

Additional Information

  • Delivery is available on certain days of the week based on the delivery zip code (excluding major U.S. holidays)
  • Delivery is available to U.S. addresses only
  • Delivery times are between 8am and 8pm with a two hour window
  • The evening before your delivery you will receive an automated call to confirm your timeframe

Delivery Pricing
The price for delivery is calculated based on the type of delivery you choose, and based on the distance from your delivery address to the closest location where the product exists. So, if the product you are buying is closer to you, the lower the cost of delivery. The ‘standard delivery’ price means that there is a local store/facility close to you that has the item and it can be delivered from that location. If the item is not available in a store/facility near you, then the item will be and will be traveling a further distance and we consider this ‘national delivery’.

Local (Standard) Delivery
Local delivery is any delivery that is within 75 miles of the fulfilling store/facility.

National Delivery
National delivery is any delivery that falls outside of 75 miles of the fulfilling store/facility.

If you need to return your purchase, you must have a printed copy of your order confirmation. If a gift card was used to pay for all or part of this order, please keep it in your possession until you receive your shipment confirmation.

Delivery Options
Curbside Delivery
Our curbside/threshold delivery is a “no-frills” delivery service available when you don’t need any extras that our deluxe delivery service can offer. With curbside delivery, our professional delivery team will leave your item(s) in their original packaging (carton or out-of-carton – like it was at the store or from our warehouse) just inside the first threshold/doorway or in another location you specify. This might be in a garage or breezeway or just inside a door or under a covered porch. This service does not include any hook up of your new item(s) or haul away of an existing item(s).

Deluxe Delivery
Our Deluxe Delivery service is available on all products. Choose this option when you need our professional delivery team to complete the basic set-up or connection of your item or for basic assembly requirements.

For most products, our Deluxe Delivery includes:

  • The delivery team will Relocate or haul away an old item to another location on the premises. This makes way for the new item to be set in place.
  • If the item is in a carton, our professional delivery team will remove the item from the carton and remove all packaging items from the premises.
  • The delivery team will set the item in place, level, and connect any basic connections. This might include connecting an electric range to an existing outlet or connecting washing machine hoses to existing water supply shut-off valves.
  • The delivery team will test the item for basic operation. This would typically include turning on the unit to make sure it turns on.

If Installation Is Required
Connections for dishwashers, drop-in ranges, gas ranges, gas dryers, air conditioners, water heaters, wall ovens, surface units or cooktops are an additional charge and can be scheduled by your local The Manic Mechanic Store. Installation is NOT included in your Deluxe Delivery charge.